Which Urban Commuter Step-Through Electric Bikes Are Worth Buying in 2024


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Electric bicycles have many advantages, which make them more and more popular among everyone. Its advantages include convenience, environmental protection, easy portability, and the ability to exercise, etc. Among electric bicycles, Step-Through electric bicycles are the most popular type of urban electric bicycles due to their convenience of getting on and off, and are very popular among beginners and women.

Step-Through electric bicycles make it very easy to get on and off the bicycle during riding. For beginners, this type of bicycle gives them a greater sense of security. For ladies, it is easy to get on and off the bicycle while riding. Maintain an elegant posture and remain ladylike. The appearance of Step-Through e-bikes usually has a streamlined design, beautiful appearance, and a British retro style, allowing this model to continue to maintain good sales in 2024.

Two women and a man riding electric bicycles

So which Step-Through electric bicycles on the market now have higher cost performance and are worth buying? ENGWE L20 Step-Through E-bike is a good product. It comes in 4 colors, Flamingo Pink, Onyx Black, Snow White, and Avocado Green. Its specific product parameters are as follows:

Material:6061 Aluminum Alloy

Motor250W Brushless Motor

Torque: 50 N.m

Tires: 20 x 4.0 Fat Tires

Battery: 48V13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery *1

Max Speed: 25 km/h

Max Mileage: 140 km(The actual distance will vary due to rider weight and road conditions)

Charging Time: About 6.5H

Maximum Climbing degree: 10°

Brake: 160 mm Front & Rear Disc Mechanical Brake

Transmission System: Shimano 7 Gears

Display: LCD Display

Bike Weight: 74.8 lbs (34 kg)

Gross Weight: 91.13 lbs (41.5 kg)

Rider Height: 5.0 (ft) -6.0 (ft)

Payload Capacity: 120 kg (264lbs)

Package Dimensions (LWH): 148.5*32*78 cm

Go wherever the road takes you, conquer any obstacle with the ENGWE L20. 

  1. Front Basket

Designed for greater storage capacity while maintaining a high-quality appearance.

  1. Rear Rack

The durable rear rack provides a safe and convenient way of transporting your belongings and can be extended for additional loading space.

  1. Headlight and Tail Light

The bright LED headlight makes sure that the road ahead is well-lit while ensuring visibility to others on the road.

  1. SHIMANO 7-Speed

A SHIMANO derailleur delivers reliable and accurate gear-shifting no matter the speed or terrain.

Electric bicycles are increasingly used for urban commuting and exercise. As an environmentally friendly product, urban commuting electric bicycles have become an essential means of transportation for people. As a Step-Through electric bicycle, they are suitable for beginners, women and the elderly. bicycles, which should have the following properties:

1. With enough power, you can ride uphill easily in the city and in the wild with strong power.

2. It is convenient to get on and off the bus, which is more important for women and the elderly.

3. You can ride long distances, and you must be able to ride 120KM per charge.

4. Excellent design and appearance

5. High cost performance

ENGWE Set Out to Produce E-bikes With More Advanced Functionalities and Hipper Aesthetics While Staying True to Their Original Concept.

ENGWE L20 Step-Through E-bike motor 250W/750W, 140KM per charge, max speed 25KM/h front suspension, It has a stylish and beautiful appearance and strong performance, suitable for beginners and women. It is an ideal choice for urban commuting e-bikes and short trips. If you need a longer riding distance, it is recommended that you purchase a 48V16Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, which can increase the riding distance to 160KM.

ENGWE L20 uses Shimano 7 Speed gears to ensure riding stability. Shimano 7 Speed gears are currently the most commonly used gears. Other well-known electric bicycle brands, such as SAMEBIKE, HEYBIKE, HIMIWAY, etc. all use Shimano gears. ENGWE as A well-known brand in Europe and the United States, it has always provided high-performance products and good services. This is a trustworthy factory.

What Are the Advantages of ENGWE Compared With Other Brands of Step-Through E-bikes?

Both SAMEBIKE and HEYBIKE have Step-Through E-bike products. Each product has its own advantages. Consumers can choose the electric bicycle that suits them according to their needs. I believe that Step-Through E-bike will always be loved by consumers. Its advantages are obvious. Whether it is for work, class, or traveling, Step-Through E-bike can be used as a means of transportation. It is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and the price is right. The best companion for people's daily life.

If you are planning to buy your first electric bicycle and need more information about the models, you will have many choices, such as folding electric bicycles, fat tire electric bicycles, commuter electric bicycles, etc. ENGWE L20 Step-Through E-bike may be more suitable for beginners and women. If you need to ride in the wild, you should choose other models, such as ENGWE Engine Pro , with a motor of up to 750W, which can conquer any complex road conditions. I hope it can help everyone choose an electric bicycle that suits them.

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