ENGWE Engine Pro Folding Electric Bicycle Review


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With the explosive growth of electric bicycles, an increasing number of electric bike brands have entered the market, offering a wider variety of styles. ENGWE is one such electric bike brand that aims to provide cleaner and more convenient modes of transportation. ENGWE offers a range of electric bike models, catering to different preferences, from mountain adventures to urban commuting. In this article, we will provide a detailed introduction to one specific model: the Engine Pro folding electric bike.

ENGWE Engine Pro Folding E-bikes Let You Travel Easily

The Engine Pro folding electric bike is the perfect urban transportation solution for effortless travel. With its 20-inch tires and foldable frame, this electric commuter bike is ideal for city residents seeking a quick and easy way to get around. It's lightweight, powerful, and incredibly user-friendly. Featuring a long-lasting battery, a robust motor, exceptional riding experience, and added features, this electric bike ensures smooth and effortless journeys. The Engine Pro also includes an integrated rear rack, allowing riders to conveniently attach baskets, platforms, or carriers – a great asset if you need to transport items during your travels.


Whether you're looking for a bike for your daily commute, running errands, folding electric bicycle, or simply enjoying leisurely rides, the Engine Pro is designed to meet your needs.


The Engine Pro electric bike is the perfect ride for urban cruisers and commuters alike. This electric bike offers users a robust motor, maximum range, exceptional riding experience, and three working modes, making it an excellent choice for daily commuting. Equipped with a modular 48V 16Ah removable internal lithium-ion battery and a 750W rear-wheel drive motor, the Engine Pro can provide riders with a range of up to 120km when using pedal assistance. The motor delivers reliable support, reaching a top speed of 30mph. For added convenience, the bike also features a throttle function, eliminating the need for pedaling altogether. It is also equipped with 20-inch puncture-resistant tires and dual shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth ride on rough terrains. The dual-disc hydraulic brakes offer more responsive stopping power, while the bright headlights provide clear visibility for enhanced safety during nighttime rides.


Engine Pro Frame

The Engine Pro frame boasts an aluminum structure and a 3 Step Alloy Foldable New Upgraded Frame, making folding extremely convenient and suitable for riders ranging from 5.4 (ft) to 6.2 (ft) in height. The bike weighs 77 pounds and is designed as a heavyweight machine capable of accommodating passengers and carrying up to 330 pounds of cargo. What caught my attention initially is the Package Dimensions (LWH): 4.7ft * 1.0ft * 2.4ft (144 * 32 * 72CM). While it does take up more garage space, there are virtually no drawbacks beyond that.


Engine Pro Motor

The motor on the Engine Pro is a 750W (1000W Peak) brushless motor, boasting a massive 55 N.m of torque and power. This motor power is notably robust for an electric bike, with the level 5 pedal-assist setting providing such strong power that it can almost lift the front wheel off the ground. For regular starts, it's advisable to begin at a lower level, preferably level 1. Once set, however, whether you're on the road or off-road, this motor delivers reliable, strong, and rapid power.



Engine Pro Battery

The Engine Pro is equipped with a 48V16Ah removable lithium-ion battery, allowing riders to travel up to 62 miles using only the throttle and up to 85 miles using pedal assistance. While these figures can vary based on individual factors, testing has shown them to be quite accurate. Of course, range depends on many factors; rider and cargo weight, tire pressure, terrain, wind, temperature, etc. The Engine Pro's battery boasts a larger capacity compared to many other brand models, providing more power for longer rides and the potential to outperform many other electric bikes in the market.


The battery can be charged on or off the bike, and it's concealed within the downtube, making the bike appear just like a regular bicycle. The charger's output current is 3A, and it takes only 5.5 hours to fully charge from empty, allowing for quick charging when the battery is depleted.


Engine Pro features a thumb throttle on the right handlebar, allowing riders to power the bike without pedaling. The thumb throttle offers greater operational convenience compared to a twist throttle. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the thumb throttle's position and operation consider the natural posture of the hand, reducing hand fatigue. This is particularly useful for extended rides or situations requiring frequent power adjustments. The thumb throttle enables you to maintain a better grip on the handlebars, enhancing control and balance. This makes it easier to react in complex road conditions or during emergencies, which proves highly beneficial for rapid acceleration, steep hills, and quickly changing terrains. On the left handlebar, you'll find controls for the LCD display, power button, lights on/off, and electronic horn button.



At the front and center of the handlebars is the Engine Pro's color backlit multifunction display, showing: ● Automatic headlight control and status display ● Intelligent battery level display ● Motor power indicator ● Assist level adjustment and indicator ● Speed display (including real-time speed, maximum speed, average speed) ● Mileage display (including single trip and total mileage) ● Push assist control and display ● Riding time display ● Backlight control and display ● Error code display ● USB connection indicator ● Multiple parameter settings (such as wheel diameter, speed limit, battery level, and assist parameters, etc.). You can also adjust some settings here to match your riding style. As you can see on the display above, I have set it to 5 different levels of pedal assistance, which indeed provides a great riding experience. If you'd like to delve into all available settings, you can consult the manual here. Even under direct sunlight, the use of a black background and white digits truly enhances the readability of the display. Among all the electric bikes I've tested, this display is by far the best.



The Engine Pro is equipped with hydraulic disc brake systems, which perform better than most electric bikes on the market. They have opted for smaller 160mm front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. While there are larger 180mm discs available, especially considering the size and weight of this electric bike, the 160mm discs are more suitable. The Engine Pro's brakes work well enough to bring the bike to a stop, but they may not offer the confident braking power that a 180mm disc brake kit provides.



The front fork of the Engine Pro features built-in suspension with spring hydraulic shock absorption, improving damping and providing a smooth riding experience. The suspension fork has a travel of 80mm, helping to cushion bumps during rides. Depending on your preference, the suspension fork can be locked to rigid mode, resulting in higher efficiency during pedaling. The lockout lever is located on the top right of the suspension fork and can be turned counterclockwise until it stops to fully lock the suspension. To unlock the lockout lever, simply turn the knob clockwise until it stops.


When the lockout lever is unlocked, you can adjust the resistance by rotating the preload adjustment knob located on the left top of the suspension fork. To soften the ride, rotate the preload adjustment knob counterclockwise along the small "-" direction on the knob to decrease resistance. To make the suspension more responsive over bumps, rotate the preload adjustment knob clockwise along the small "+" direction on the knob to increase resistance. Both adjustments add a nice personalized touch to the suspension, enhancing the riding experience of the Engine Pro by reducing the sensation of bumps.



Propelling the Engine Pro is an 8-speed Shimano gear system, providing smooth shifting and an appropriate range of gears to handle almost any terrain. The 8-speed Shimano gear system offers a wider gear ratio range, smoother shifting, and improved adaptability for riding compared to a 7-speed system.



The Engine Pro is equipped with 20" x 4" wide tires. These rubber snow tires, while not necessarily top-tier, offer sufficient traction on trails and provide a stable ride on roads. Even after riding over 100 miles on trails and roads, they show minimal wear.



The Engine Pro features a generously sized seat that provides a comfortable riding experience. There's a small hole in the center, enhancing breathability, particularly during summer rides, promoting faster heat dissipation. Beneath the seat's downtube, a small shock absorber is installed, working in tandem with high-performance shock absorption to smooth and dampen any bumps on the road, elevating the comfort level. Coupled with the front fork suspension, this combination allows you to enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride during long journeys.


Components of the Engine Pro include a rear rack, front and rear lights, bottle cage, and integrated front rack. The sturdy rear rack has a load capacity of up to 120 pounds, making it suitable for attaching panniers and/or luggage boxes or baskets, allowing easy storage of groceries, camping gear, or even hunting equipment. The front light illuminates the road ahead, enabling riders to see obstacles, potholes, traffic signs, and more, reducing the likelihood of accidents. The integrated rear light serves as a signal to others and enhances the safety of pedestrians and fellow riders, as they can detect your presence and movements earlier.


Riding Experience

As mentioned earlier, the 750W motor offers substantial power. After entering the settings and lowering the percentage for each pedal-assist level, the Engine Pro is ready for riding.


Heading onto the trails is an absolute delight. Thanks to the front suspension and seat shock absorber, the sensation of bumps from tree roots and trails is easily eliminated. You'll experience an extremely comfortable ride, without vibrations or jarring impacts on your hands or body. On steep slopes, the throttle comes in handy, effortlessly propelling me uphill. Thanks to the large granules on the tires, the increased contact area enhances traction, and even soft sand and mud don't slow down the Engine Pro in the slightest.


On the road, the ride is smooth, stable, and fast. Using just the throttle, I can reach speeds of up to 28 mph on flat stretches. With some pedal assistance, it can take me up to about 30 mph, but sustaining this speed over longer periods requires more effort. There's also a cruise control feature that offers consistent speed control, enhancing the riding experience, reducing the workload, and improving efficiency, although it should be used in a safe environment.


One of the best things about the Engine Pro is its large-capacity battery, allowing it to easily handle journeys of up to 62 miles. This not only provides ample power for exploring around, but also eliminates worries about remaining battery life, making your ride more impressive and worry-free.


A man holding an ENGWE electric bicycle


  • Battery: 48V 16Ah Lithium battery

  • Range: 85 Miles (Pedal assist)

  • Hub Motor: 750W Brushless gear motor

  • Max Load: 330 lbs. (150kg)

  • Display: LCD display

  • Charging Port: Output 54.6V 3A

  • Charging Time: 5 hours

  • Pedal-Assist Range 50-80 miles (80-113 km)

  • Pure Electric Range 40-62 miles (64-89 km)

  • Package Dimensions (LWH): 4.7ft *1.0ft *2.4ft (144*32*72CM)

  • Rider Height: 5.4 (ft) -6.2 (ft)

  • E-Bike Weight: 69 lbs (35 kg)(31.7KG)

  • Package Weight: 83 lbs (38KG)

  • Pedal Assist: Intelligent 5-level PAS

  • E-bike Class: Class 3


Engine Pro has truly left a strong impression on me, and I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending it as a top-notch electric bike option. Its impressive power, large-capacity battery, outstanding range, and dual suspension make it an excellent choice for a wide range of riding scenarios. Whether you're seeking off-road adventures, daily commutes, or versatile transportation options, the Engine Pro is well-equipped to meet your needs and deliver a remarkable riding experience.

The Engine Pro electric bike stands out as a powerful and versatile option for riders seeking an exceptional riding experience. With its robust motor, spacious battery, impressive range, and dual suspension system, the Engine Pro is well-suited for various purposes, from off-road exploration to everyday commuting. Its user-friendly features, including the intuitive display, hydraulic disc brakes, and comfortable seat, contribute to a smooth and enjoyable ride. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or navigating city streets, the Engine Pro offers a compelling blend of performance, convenience, and comfort, making it a highly recommended choice in the realm of electric bicycles.

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