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For over 10 years, ThankBuy has been building a premier online shop and selling some of the most sought after electric bicycle to customers around the globe.

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A Lifestyle
Never Pay Retail is a shopping attitude and lifestyle that so many of us try to live by. We believe that you should be able to access your favorite items at insider prices. If you believe in Never Pay Retail then you believe that you should be able to look amazing while not breaking the bank.

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This is the easy part. Go to and browse the over 100 unique items to find that perfect commuter electric Bikes, fat tire electric bike, trail electric bikes, folding electric bikes, batteries, riding gear etc. If you know what you want, we recommend that you use the search box to find that unique item. If you are searching for that perfect item, we recommend that you browse our categories, or our sale page for the current promotions. Be sure to follow @Thankbuy on Instagram or Facebook for exclusive content and access to our most updated sales.

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 Most of the world’s most iconic brands, in one convenient location. Finally, you can shop high end and affordable all in one place.

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Aleesha Cabrera

Aleesha Cabrera is a professional electric bicycle sales manager.

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Pauline Tyler engaged in product design and development of electric bicycles.

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Spencer Young is a ales manager who is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various brands of electric bicycles.

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Marc Saunders

I absolutely love this bike. The power assists is great when you need just a nudge to get started up steep hills, and ridding with just the motor at full speed is totally fun.

Cole Beltran

Installing was straight forward, weight capacity is excellent for cargo. The camera for my rearview digital mirror attached perfectly.I believe that these accessories in hance the asthetics of the bike.

Jana Alexander

It has enough power to climb the toughest hills. The ride is smooth, easy to handle and comfortable for long rides. I use it all the time and would recommend.

Hari Santiago

I love this bike, and I'm glad I invested in it. This is my first e-bike, and with a few upgrades and proper maintenance, I think it will last a long time and take me on many adventures.

Janice Rose

My wife and I bought two of them. Took them camping last weekend and really enjoyed them. I would recommend these bikes to anyone looking to buy an electric bike.

Mathew Barrera

I use it to go to the grocery store as well as ride to the gym where I work out. My post-workout ride was great fun, following the park's trails and winding along the cliffs bordering the ocean.

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