Foldable E-Bikes, Fat Tire E-Bikes, Step-Through E-Bikes, Commuter E-Bikes, Which Style Is Suitable For Us?


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Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular as they can be used as a means of transportation and as a good companion for physical exercise. Electric bicycles are divided into Foldable E-Bikes, Fat Tire E-Bikes, Step-Through E-Bikes, and Commuter E-Bikes. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How Do We Choose an Electric Bicycle That Suits Us?

1. Foldable E-Bikes

The biggest advantage of foldable electric bicycles is that they are easy to carry. They can be easily placed in the trunk of a car and can be carried on trains without taking up much space. Foldable electric bicycles are suitable for urban commuting and short-distance travel. Whether it is going to work, going to class or traveling with friends, its lightness is impressive. If you plan to buy an electric bicycle for commuting and want to put it in the trunk of your car, then a folding electric bicycle is an ideal choice.

Foldable electric bicycles are designed to fold in three steps, so they are not as good as other electric bicycles in terms of weight bearing. If you need to transport heavier goods for a long time, this style of electric bicycle is not suitable.

2. Fat Tire E-Bikes

Fat Tire E-Bikes generally refer to electric bicycles with tire sizes exceeding 3 inches. Its biggest advantage is that the tire size is larger, and the load-bearing capacity and off-road capability increase with the increase in tire size. Fat Tire E-Bikes can be ridden on urban roads, mountains, snow and other roads. If paired with a larger power motor, you can experience the fun of riding even on complex roads.

If you love wild riding and travel frequently, Fat Tire E-Bikes are a good choice.

Due to the larger tire size of Fat Tire E-Bikes, the weight of the car will also increase relatively, but compared with the advantages it brings, this shortcoming is acceptable.

3. Step-Through E-Bikes

Step-Through E-Bikes are a popular electric bicycle. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to get on and off the bike, making it suitable for beginners, women and the elderly. Step-Through E-Bikes are stylish in design and beautiful in appearance. If you are an elegant lady or an elderly person, Step-Through E-Bikes are a good choice.

Due to the limitation of appearance, Step-Through E-Bikes have poor off-road performance. If you often ride on rough roads, Step-Through E-Bikes are not the best choice.

4. Commuter E-Bikes

Commuter E-Bikes refers to electric bicycles that can be used for urban riding and commuting. These electric bicycles can be folding electric bicycles, fat tire electric bicycles and Step-Through E-Bikes. Its biggest advantage is its weight. Light, easy to carry, long riding distance. If your main purpose of purchasing an electric bicycle is to go to work and take classes, then you can consider purchasing Commuter E-Bikes. If this Commuter E-Bikes has fat tires and can be folded, it is a perfect model.

Commuter E-Bikes are designed to be used on city roads, and generally have poor off-road capabilities, so they may not be the best choice if you regularly ride in the wild and go on long trips.

Through The Analysis of Various Models, Each Style of Electric Bike Has its Own Advantages.

You can choose based on your own needs. SAMEBIKE and ENGWE are both electric bicycle brands with more than 10 years of production experience. They will have Foldable E-Bikes. Fat Tire E-Bikes, Step-Through E-Bikes, Commuter E-Bikes. SAMEBIKE's most competitive advantage model is 20LVXD30 , and ENGWE's most competitive advantage model is EP-2 Pro . Usually a family will own multiple electric bicycles, so they can choose the model according to their needs. Environmental protection, health and safety, we love electric bicycles.

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