A Beginner's Guide to Choosing an Folding Electric Bike


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Electric bicycles are experiencing a booming growth, becoming increasingly popular as more people contemplate purchasing one. Among them, foldable electric bikes stand out as a convenient and efficient option, and many people prefer buying them for their portability and assistance features. If you're someone who is planning to buy your first foldable electric bike recently, what factors should you consider before making a purchase?


With such a wide range of products available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which features are most worth your consideration. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about purchasing a foldable electric bike, helping you make a valuable investment.

What are the Advantages of folding Electric Bikes?


Portability and Compactness: Many people opt to purchase foldable electric bikes because of their convenient folding feature, making them easy to carry and store. Whether you want to keep it at home or take it along for a ride, these bikes can be folded into a compact size, ensuring hassle-free portability.


Convenient Commuting: Foldable electric bikes are perfect for both leisure rides and urban commuting. You can ride your electric bike to work, fold it, and bring it indoors for charging or conveniently use it for the last mile of your journey. Say goodbye to traffic jams, as you can combine your bike with other transportation options and even place it in your car's trunk, taking you to places where cars can't reach.


Versatility: Modern electric bikes come with an array of features, such as pedal-assist mode, throttle mode, and regular bicycle mode. If you want to exercise and have assistance when needed, the electric bike's pedal-assist mode is an excellent option. Throttle mode lets you experience the thrill of speed. Additionally, some foldable electric bikes are equipped with an app for remote control and an LCD display showing speed, distance, and riding time, among other functions.


Eco-Friendly Transportation: Like all electric bikes, foldable electric bikes are a greener alternative to cars and motorcycles. Choosing to ride an electric bike contributes to reducing air pollution and your overall carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly transportation option.


Exercising Your Body: Foldable electric bikes offer three riding modes. If you need to exercise, you can set it to regular bicycle mode, encouraging physical activity. If you're a mild arthritis sufferer and still want to work out, you can use the assist mode to increase joint movement and engage your leg muscles and cardiovascular system. It's a great way to stay active and improve your fitness level.


Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to cars or even regular electric bikes, foldable electric bikes are generally more budget-friendly. They can save you on fuel, insurance, parking fees, and maintenance costs associated with cars. Additionally, many cities offer subsidies or tax incentives to promote the use of electric bikes.


Avoiding Traffic Jams: Dealing with city traffic congestion during your daily commute can be frustrating. With a foldable electric bike, you can breeze through the city, bypassing congested roads and reaching your destination faster. This not only saves time but also reduces the stress caused by traffic jams.


How to Choose Your First Folding Electric Bike?

Size of the Folded Electric Bike

The most crucial factor when purchasing a foldable electric bike is its folding convenience. Before buying, make sure to understand the size of the bike after folding and whether it meets your needs. If you plan to store it in your car trunk and take it with you for outings, consider whether your vehicle's trunk can accommodate the folded electric bike.


Power Assist System: Understanding the performance of the electric bike's power assist system is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the battery capacity, motor power, range, charging time, assist levels, etc. These factors will affect the degree of electric assistance you get during your rides and the overall convenience of use.


Battery Life and Maintenance: The battery is like the heart of an electric bike, providing power and essential for its operation. Learn about the expected battery life and the cost of replacing it. Also, understand how to properly maintain the battery to prolong its lifespan.


Frame Quality: Ensure the bike frame is sturdy and durable, especially when in the folded state. A high-quality frame will provide a safer riding experience, and it's essential to check how easy it is to fold the bike.


Braking and Suspension Systems: A good suspension system will offer a smoother ride on bumpy roads. Reliable brakes ensure you can stop quickly when needed.


Tire Type: Choose tires that suit your riding needs. Some bikes have road tires suitable for city commuting, while others have fat tires for rougher terrains.


Safety Features: Electric bikes can reach high speeds, so it's essential to be well-prepared for safety while riding. Check if the bike has front and rear lights, reflectors, and other necessary safety equipment to enhance visibility.


Handlebar and Seat Height Adjustment: Ensure the handlebar and seat height are adjustable to fit your height and weight comfortably.


Anti-Theft Measures: Check if the bike has built-in anti-theft features, such as password-protected apps for real-time monitoring and tracking.


Material and Weight: Understand the bike's material and weight. Lightweight materials like carbon fiber make carrying more convenient, but they may also affect the price. A too-heavy frame might be inconvenient for future portability.


After-Sales Service and Warranty: Be aware of the after-sales service and warranty policy of the seller you intend to purchase from. This ensures you'll receive support when it comes to maintenance or replacing parts.


Price: Select a bike within your budget. If your budget is limited, you may need to compromise on product quality or performance. In most cases, higher performance comes at a higher price.


User Reviews and Reputation: Look into user reviews and the reputation of the manufacturer of the foldable electric bike you want to purchase. Understanding the brand's user experience can involve factors like maximum speed restrictions, usage area limitations, and registration requirements.


Brand and Manufacturer's Reputation: Opt for well-known brands or manufacturers with a good reputation, as this often ensures product quality and after-sales service.


Riding Style and Purpose: Consider your riding style and purpose, whether it's for city commuting, leisure rides, or electric bikes for Adventure. Different models of foldable electric bikes may be more suitable for different riding needs.


Accessories: Check if the bike comes with necessary accessories like a luggage rack, fenders, bells, etc. Sometimes, purchasing accessories may entail additional expenses.

If you're still don't know idea which brand of electric bike to purchase, I can recommend the SAMEBIKE Folding Electric Bike 20LVXD30-II model.

A woman is riding a SAMEBIKE folding electric bicycle


  • Frame:20"Aluminum alloy folding frame

  • Front fork: suspension fork

  • Battery:48V10.4AH lithium battery

  • Motor:48V350W High speed brushless gear motor

  • Derailleur:SHIMANO 7 Speed

  • Meter: LCD meter

  • Brake:mechanical disc brake

  • Seat tube: Shock seat tube

  • Tires: 20"*1.95" CHAOYANG tires

  • Rim:Magnesium Alloy rim (Six lines)

  • Mudplate: PVC Mudplate

  • Mobile phone holder: USB 2.0 Mobile phone charging

  • Light group:  rear LED brake tail lights

  • Pure Electric Mode:40km

  • Moped Mode: 80km

Prominent Features:


The SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II is a rugged and durable folding electric bike equipped with 201.95" small tires, which are much lighter than the bulky 204.0" tires. Its 20" aluminum alloy 6061 folding frame is corrosion-resistant, and both the frame and handlebars are designed for dual folding, making it easy to carry in the trunk or store in a room with a compact volume and a weight of only 31kg, ensuring convenient portability. The adjustable handlebars and seat post accommodate riders of different heights.


It is also equipped with hydraulic front and rear suspensions and a seat post shock absorber, with a dual shock absorption design that ensures comfortable riding even on narrow trails, gravel roads, or even when going down stairs. The addition of shock absorbers on the seat post and handlebars makes your riding experience exceptionally smooth.


When you pull either of the brake levers, the motor cuts off its power supply. The SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II is suitable for short trips to grocery stores and comes with a rear cargo rack that can carry up to 150 pounds of load, making it convenient to carry multiple items at the back.


The SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II has many excellent features, including a 48V10.4AH lithium battery with 18650 cells, which is fully integrated and hidden within the downtube. In pedal-assist mode, it can take you up to 80KM on a single charge, although I have ridden it until the battery was depleted. It features a 48V350W high-speed brushless and silent motor that can travel 40 miles without pedal assistance. It also has a Shimano 7-speed gear system for adjusting to various road conditions and a 5-gear left-mounted LCD display that shows speed, mileage, distance, and battery level during your ride. Additionally, the display can be connected to a smartphone application that includes battery status and mileage information. The bike is equipped with a USB2.0 interface for charging your phone in emergencies and comes with a phone holder so you don't have to worry about where to place your phone while riding.


It also comes with turn signals, a super bright front light, and full fenders. If you need to ride at night, the LED headlight is bright, energy-saving, and non-glaring. The integrated turn signals help you be seen when activating the brakes, serving as a warning to those behind you.


Furthermore, SAMEBIKE bicycles offer a 1-3 year warranty. All SAMEBIKE models are covered by a 1-3 year comprehensive warranty against manufacturing defects for the original owner. (All free parts are not covered by the warranty.) The warranty period starts from the time the original owner receives the bicycle. Note: Frames, metals, and accessories are covered for 3 years, while the motor, battery, and other components are covered for 1 year. You don't have to worry at all if you encounter any quality issues with the electric bike you receive. Alternatively, the ENGWE Engine Pro Folding Ebike is also a good choice.



The SAMEBIKE 20LVXD30-II is an outstanding electric bike suitable for those who want to make their lives easier and more convenient. With an 80KM range, you can potentially handle all your commuting needs on it, and then bring it back home to charge at night. Charging from empty to full takes 4-6 hours, which might seem like a long time, but with proper trip planning and knowing the approximate distances, it should be easy to manage your activities, whether it's running errands or simply going for a ride and then charging it at home. Priced at just over $900, it offers better value than most other folding electric bikes in its class. If you're considering buying a folding electric bike anytime soon, this could be a great choice for you.