SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike
SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike

SAMEBIKE C05 Pro Urban Folding E-bike

Best affordable urban foldable e-bike whith basket

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More stylish appearance and perfect property



36V 13Ah


80 KM

Max Range

35 KM/H

Top Speed

150 KG

Max Load

4-6 Hours

Charge Time

  • C05 Pro E-bike*1
  • Lithium-Ion Battery*1
  • Battery Charger*1
  • Assembly Tools*1
  • Pedals*2
  • Basket*1
  • English User Manual*1

Be Clear at A Glance

C05Pro provides optimal visibility and comfort, equipped with an ergonomic curved handlebar and a custom connected handlebar design to increase the stability of riding control, allowing you to experience innovation at your fingertips.

Brushless Hub Motor

C05pro with a powerful 500W high-power motor, which can easily climb steep slopes up to 25 degrees, with a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour. Whether on steep city streets or rugged mountain trails, our products provide you with superior performance and reliable power support.

Removable Battery —Long Riding

Upgraded 468Wh Large Capacity BatterySupply Longer Riding, Engineered for durability, they are built to endure extensive distances and frequent usage, providing reliable support for up to 70 KM per charge.

Dual Suspension Systems

Utilizing adjustable dual front fork shock absorbers and seat suspension, it effectively doubles shock absorption, ensuring a smooth and stable journey even on the roughest terrains. Bid farewell to uneven road conditions as you welcome a ride characterized by unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.

4 Inch One-piece tire

The wide tire design not only ensures a stable ride on snow, beach, road or flat mud, but also provides extra grip and cushioning, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and stable riding experience on all terrains.

Headlights and Taillights

Enhanced with front and rear dual LED lights, our bike ensures safety both during daytime rides and nighttime adventures. These lights serve not only for visibility during daily inspections but also illuminate your path for safer night riding.

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C05 Pro FAQs

RS-A01 the max load capacity of the rear rack is 25KG, and the basket can carry up to 5KG

Our electric bike features a high-capacity 48V 14AH battery. In pure electric mode, you can expect a range of up to 55km, while assist mode offers a range exceeding 100km. This ensures you have plenty of power for both short commutes and longer adventures.

The bike comes with a 750W motor, set to a default speed of 25km/h for daily commuting. However, if you need more speed, it can be unlocked to reach up to 45km/h, offering you the thrill of speed whenever you desire.

Yes, both the rear end and the wheels are equipped with reflectors to ensure safety rides.

There are two power modes :

1) speed limit of 25 km/h per hour, compliant with urban street speed regulations in various countries,

2) unrestricted mode, allowing speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour, suitable for less populated and off roads.

By default, our ebikes are set to start in mode 1, which ensures compliance with street-legal regulations. If you wish to remove the speed limit, you can adjust the settings using the Instrument.

While you're free to choose mode 2 for a more powerful ride, it's important to note that this may come with certain limitations for daily use. These could include restricted access to bike lanes and the requirement to wear approved safety equipment, among others.